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Wedding Video Inspiration

Every wedding I attend, I try to arrive a half hour to an hour before the time I'm supposed to start filming. I don't charge the client for this time as this is my time and one of the parts of the day I look forward to the most. Arriving early relaxes me and helps me get a good feel for how the wedding is going to go. I can walk around and get familiar with the family, the venue, and the Geographical area. It's during these first moments that inspiration comes as to what kind of story I'm going to be putting together through video that represents the day and the couple I'll be filming.

This time of observation, I pay particular close attention to the landscape and weather. In addition to traditional venue shots, I try to find elements that distinguish the venue that set it apart from other venues, I also enjoy capturing the landscape. Water fixtures, flowers, rocks, trees, bushes, mountains I feel all play a part in telling good story. Sometimes I'll capture, birds (see Stacie's wedding), bees, ducks (see Swaesy's first look video) and other animals doing things in the background. These are the kinds of shots I like to film before the day begins, after I check in with the bride - it's go time, and I'm glued to the wedding couple for the rest of the day/night! I don't understand how other Videographers can arrive right when they need to and start filming the bride, I guess I'm kind of envious as that would be more difficult for me.

The pictures in this blog were taken from Maylene and Joseph's recent March 2021 wedding. They were an absolute joy to film and it was neat to see their fun personalities come out during their wedding. Maylene's Mother's facial expression while walking her daughter down the isle was priceless.


See Maylene & Joseph's full wedding video:

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