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Wonderful Wedding Surprises | Wedding Video Blog

As a wedding Videographer it is my job to be prepared for the day and in sync with the other vendors who I will be working with. Some of the most frustrating weddings are those when the unexpected happens and finding myself in a situation I'm not prepared for. I could have the wrong lens, not enough lighting, poor audio or going handheld when I should have been on the gimbal. Planning ahead by working with the bride and other vendors ahead of time to nail down the timeline and understand how the day will unfold usually eliminates negative unexpected surprises.

With Ana & Jose's wedding there were some unexpected surprises, but they were the type of surprises I enjoy. Meaning, that most everything that occurred on their wedding day was better than I was planning for. Throughout the night I kept saying to myself "wow". Some of those instances, for example, where the bride's dress - far grandeur than most dresses I've seen with a serious train, the bride's makeup and hair - it was perfect, she looked like a model in every shot. The sparkler entrance and dance, the band - they were so good, the food - amazing! and of course the bride's dance to the groom - she wore a full-out dance uniform with her friends, so cool. Take a look at some of the stills from their video and be sure to check out their highlights video!


Ana & Jose's Wedding Video:

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