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The Secret Garden | Phoenix, Arizona | Wedding Video

There are so many good things to say about this wedding, but for sure one of the highlights that stood out to me were the guests who were dressed in Military attire (see pic below). The Groom was actively serving at the time and several of his associates showed their support by showing up to his wedding. Another highlight was all the woodwork that was hand crafted by the Groom's father. The signs, the arch and many other decorations were custom built. Julie and Nathanial were an amazing couple and it was obvious how much they loved each other. After the ceremony the Nathanial insisted on carrying his bride down the isle and then again when they did their grand entrance.

The venue was beautiful as well and provided a dreamy staircase for the bride to present herself for the first time to all of the guests as she prepared to walk down the isle. The venue also consisted of many appealing archways, gardens and architecture for taking pictures.


Watch Julia & Nathaniel's wedding video:

Watch Julia & Nathaniel's 60sec teaser video:

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