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Wedding Bride Magic

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

A creative trend for brides is to do a bridal reveal before the ceremony. The reveal is like a first look for the bridesmaids. Usually this consists of the bride getting ready separate from the brides maids' and then revealing her self by stepping around a corner, opening a door or something similar. At Tara and Patrick's backyard wedding however, Tara had a different idea inspired from watching TikTok videos. At one moment she's in her robes and then poof! she's in her dress.

These images and video are taken from Tara & Patrick's wedding video. In addition to the magical reveal, there were also a few other things that I enjoyed that were unique to their wedding. Tara had a mother/son dance in addition to her first dance with the groom. She also chose to do a mother/daughter dance instead of the traditional father/daughter dance. During the ceremony, two young boys dressed up in matching butler uniforms to pull out a 'white carpet' down the isle before the bride came down with her father. I thought this was one great way to utilize kids during the ceremony so they all have a role.


See Tara & Patrick's Full Wedding Video:

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