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Val Vista Lakes - A Hidden Gem In Gilbert Arizona | Arizona Wedding Videos

Last week's wedding was beautiful! Not only were Mariah and Chris an attractive couple with adorable personalities, but the venue was also beautiful! When thinking of Val Vista Lakes I thought it would be a typical HOA club house and so I was curious as to where we'd need to go to get some good pictures and video. After about 20 seconds of arriving, I knew I was wrong about my perception of the venue. Throughout the rest of the night I just kept thinking to myself wow this is pretty. There were so many places to go in a short distance to get beautiful backdrops and scenery. If you're looking for waterfalls, rock structures, gazebos, golf courses, pools, tropical vegetation, and of course lakes then you should consider Val Vista Lakes. The inside of the clubhouse is also elegant and massive with plenty of room for activities.

Mariah and Chris's wedding was low key with only about 50 people in attendance. These smaller weddings are a lot more common during COVID. One of the reasons I love smaller weddings is because the crowd usually has closer relationships with each other making it more deairing to get to know the families on both sides. There were plenty of tears during this wedding as people shared Mariah and Chris's Joyous occasion. Another reason I love smaller weddings is because both me and the photographer get more time filming and taking pictures of the couple.


Check out Mariah & Chris's Wedding Video:

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