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Presenting The Master of Ceremonies! (Make Sure You Choose a Good One) | Arizona Wedding Videos

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are many moving parts and decisions to consider. Weddings can be ridiculously expensive, most of us can't hire the best-of-the-best in every category, so we pick and choose which areas we want to invest more in. Every weekend I'm usually at a wedding or two or three and along the way I've picked up on a few things that make a wedding a great experience for everyone.

The single most underrated investment is The Master of Ceremonies. Having a good MC/DJ will make all the difference and will focus on ensuring everybody has a good time. Don't hire a cheep Disk Jockey or have your uncle Wilbur run the music, you'll want to invest some money into a seasoned MC and here's some reasons why why: 1) They keep everything running on schedule, 2) They can easily gather crowds of people for pictures and video, 3) They keep the audience engaged and happy, 4) They have good sound equipment so no worry about audio cutting out during a speech or not being able to hear the couples vows, 5) They are professional and adaptable to work with, 6) They are professional artists and skilled at generating and mixing sounds.

When I'm at a wedding with a good MC, everything usually ends up running smoothly, when There's no MC or a not-so-good one there's usually a lot of waisted time, awkward moments, and unnecessary stress from people who are board or wondering what's happening next. Last week I attended Erika and Dustin's wedding at Isabella's Kitchen in Scottsdale Arizona, they are a wonderful couple and a joy to be around. All of the vendors they hired were good, but the one who stood out the most to me was the MC they hired. He essentially took over the evening making all of our jobs easier, he was good at making people feel good and keep people moving. The photographer and I loved this as we were able to get better video and pictures from it. I've been in contact with several good MC's but the one at Erika and Dustin's wedding went above and beyond. If you're looking for a good one, check out Randy Vela with


Check out Erika & Dustin's wedding video:

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