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4 Things I like about Filming Weddings at Golf Courses Over Other Locations

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Last week I had the opportunity to film another wedding on a Golf course. The pictures in this blog are stills from Stacie and Kyle's wedding video filmed on March 5th at Iron Oaks Golf Club in Chandler, Arizona. Stacie and Kyle were fun and an absolute joy to film, They looked the part, played the part and were easy to film, but that's another story. By now I've filmed at several different venues, many of which have been golf courses. Here are my top four reasons why I enjoy golf courses over other types of venues.

4 reasons why choosing a golf course as a wedding venue is a good idea:

  1. Space - Space to film, space to host, and space for the bridal party to get ready

  2. Manicured Scenery - It's a golf course! Need I say more?

  3. Professional Staff - Accommodating to Vendors, business professionals

  4. Easy-to-find - Courses are big, easy to find and well known in the area.

  5. Lots of Scenic Options - Many variations of Lawn, water, rocks, shrubs etc...

The main advantage that I want to point out is space. Many venues offer little space for the Videographer, Photographer, makeup and hair artist, Bride, and all the Brides maids to be in the same room getting ready. Most golf courses I've been to have large rooms reserved for the bridal party to get ready for the event. Not enough space causes unnecessary stress on the bride and restricts filming options. Of course, outdoors there is also lots of space for group shots, hosting, and private getaways with the couple. Golf carts are also usually supplied so the bridal couple and Videographer/Photographer can travel around the golf course quickly.


See Stacie & Kyles complete wedding video:

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