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Crazy In Love! When Couples Get Lost In The Moment | Arizona Wedding Videographer

My favorite part of filming a wedding is shooting the bridal couple by themselves. This either takes place during the 'First Look' before the ceremony or after the ceremony or both. After the ceremony is usually when family shots and the bridal party are filmed; after this, the photographer and I take the couple away as the sun reaches golden hour to just focus on the couple with no distractions. This is when we really get to know the couple and they can just focus on themselves. Some couples are so in love, they hardly need any posing tips - everything they do is just adorable. This was exactly how James & Sabrina's were at their wedding. This couple was so fun, all we needed to do was follow them around and push record, they literally did the rest! No amount of posing can substitute for genuine love.

Apart from the amount of love this couple had for each other, another factor that made their wedding so great was the awesome vendors they chose for their wedding. Sometimes vendors can be quite stiff, but everyone involved with the wedding genuinely cared for the couple and were extremely accommodating. The staff at Different Pointe of view in north phoenix were phenomenal, Janet Mitchel, the wedding coordinator with was one of the best I've seen. She was extremely involved, enjoyable to be around, and made sure everything was perfect ahead of time. the live band, not only provided a variety of beautiful music throughout the night, but they were also fun to be around and get to know.


Watch Sabrina & James' Wedding Video:

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