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Bride Does Push-ups in Dress Before Ceremony | Arizona Wedding Video

I had another beautiful wedding experience filming Dana and Braedon’s wedding at the Wright House wedding venue in Mesa, Arizona last month. Although the order of events is fairly similar from wedding to wedding, the couples are all different and bring their own personalities, tastes, and styles to their event. The contrast of couples and cultures is one of my favorite reasons why I love weddings so much. I get to be apart of a diverse group of people from week-to-week who all share similar joy and unity as they unite by all focusing on the matrimony of the Bride and Groom.

I've seen a variety of emotions and behaviors from couples before the ceremony as a way of coping with their nerves before the ceremony commences. What I have never seen, however, is a bride get down on the floor in her dress and start doing push-ups before she walks down the isle. That is, until Dana and Braedon's wedding. This truly put a smile on my face as well as as everybody else who witnessed the act. There is a moment in her wedding video where you can see her doing pushups before she goes out.

The Wright House wedding venue provided many beautiful backdrop locations for the couple and bridal party. The venue is garden themed with many green plants, flowers and fountains throughout the venue. There are also many columns and artistic structures like gazebos and such where Videographers and Photographers can position their subjects. The pictures in this blog are video stills from Dana and Braedon's wedding video.


Take a look at Dana and Braedon's Wedding Video:

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