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Creative Wedding First Dance

The first dance for a newly married couple at a wedding reception is usually one of the most memorable moments for a couple at their wedding. The first dance is usually, slow, romantic and sentimental as the couple looks into each other's eyes trying to take in the realization that they are now a married couple. Every once in while, however, the first dance unfolds into an impressive form of entertainment as the couple surprises the audience with a pre-choreographed routine. Not only is this a treat for the audience, but also makes the moment even that much more memorable. Such was the case for Logan & Jessica's wedding, as a Videographer, I was salivating witnessing all the good content I had the opportunity to film.

The couple's dance started out in a traditional manner, slow and sentimental and then it started to build. The music transitioned to an upbeat tone, and the couple started really having some fun with their routine but it didn't stop there. By the end of the dance all of the Groom's men and Brides Maids were on the dance floor joining the couple. They not only joined the couple, but also had choreographed dance moves that were in-sync with each other. The first dance set an upbeat, fun theme for the rest of the night. The mother and son dance, and the father and daughter dance were both equally as memorable set to a mix of sentimental and upbeat music and choregraphed dancing. For me and the rest of the audience, we were so excited to be apart of Logan and Jessica's performances at the beautiful Villa Sienna wedding venue in Gilbert, Arizona.


See Jessica and Logan's full Wedding Video:

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